Keto lunch


Breakfast 10am | The standard
Coffee with 1/2 Tbsp coconut oil
Homemade grain-free granola
Almond milk

Lunch 12pm | 😀 We are off to a great start!
Tempeh Tofu Kale Salad
Hemp seeds
Milled Flax seeds & goji berries
Olive oil

Snack 4pm
Overnight Chia almond milk with 6 blueberries

Dinneromg it was absoultely disgusting at first
Cocoa pea protein
As I have kind of quit drinking cold drinks (except for my gin.. obviously)
My first instinct was to heat up my almond milk and add the pea protein to it and LOL don’t do it

It was my 2nd time having it and i think this is another example of when you should really read the instructions and not a great idea to go too creative – it just went thick and didn’t mix properly (the reason why protein shakers exist). Then I added ice and extra cocoa as an attempt to make it a keto chocolate shake. It was better, but still not very nice as it was lumpy, so at the end I drained the ice and the lumps out and finished it. I hope I still manage to take some of the protein from there.

I think I will put it in my chia seeds pudding/ milk tomorrow as that worked last time and couldn’t really taste it just made the ‘pudding’ a little thicker.

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