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5 Benefits of Intermitten Fasting (IF)


About Intermitten Fasting (IF) 

Intermitten Fasting (IF) is not a diet, but a pattern of eating. In simple words, eating time is restricted during the day, i.e. you only eat within a 1-6 hrs eating window, and ‘fast’ for the rest of the day. (btw FAST≠STARVE, it can be done feeling full and to be honest, we have WAY more energy to burn in out body than we know!). It is currently one of the most popular fitness diet ‘tool’ for improved health benefits and may aid weight loss.

For me, IF is like a new lifestyle that I fell in love with! Read this post about my fitness journey. (coming soon!)

There are tons of research, examples and starter guides about IF on Google and YouTube.

How to do intermitten fasting properly for weight Loss by Carlo @ Newbie Fitness Academy

Disclaimer: I’m not doctors, nutritionists or registered dietitians. None of the advice contained on this website is to be considered as medical advice. Everything I have written on here is all based on my own personal personal experience. If you are in any way not sure, or have special health condition, you should always seek advice from you family doctor before changing your diet.

A few popular ways of IF

I have been doing 16:8 method (with a low carb diet) for 2 months now, and have been great! Sometimes I extend 2-4 hours if I feel ok to do so. And I plan to carry on doing it for as long as I could.

✦ 16:8 (Fast 16 hrs, eat within 8hrs)
✦ 18:6 (Fast 18 hrs, eat within 6hrs)
✦ 20:4 or Warrior Diet (Fast 20hrs; eat within 4hrs; Eat 1 meal a day)
✦ 5:2 (Eat only 500–600 calories on two non-consecutive days of the week; eat normally the other 5 days)

✦ OMAD diet (Eat 1 meal a day; 60 mins eating window)
✦ Alternate-day fasting (Eat normally and fast on alternative days)
✦ Eat Stop Eat (Eat normally for 48hr and fast for 24hrs)

Alternate day fasting may help aid weight loss by NHS

Here comes TOP 5 benefits for IF

As I’m practising the 18:6 IF method, so I’m going to write about what I think the TOP 5 benefits are.

1. Your body learns to burn fat faster!

As we fast, by not eating for 12 hrs, we enter the metabolic state of ketosis, our body starts to break down and burn fat. AND actually our body can learn to get ‘fat adapted’, that’s when our body uses fat rather than sugar for energy. But it doesn’t change over night, so IF helps our body to practice and burn more fat when we have nothing else to burn on. “I don’t want to lose more fat” says no one.

Eating within a restricted time may also help to stabilise our blood sugar levels. As we eat, no matter a meal or a snack, we get blood sugar spikes (blood sugar rises and then falls sharply, and it makes us sleepy and crave for more food/ more sugar), and our pancreas releases a hormone called insulin to balance out the blood sugar level. AND a higher insulin level prevents fat from being broken down.. :O and we dont want that do we.

10 Ways to Lower Insulin Levels (naturally) for Weight Loss by Dr Dan Maggs

The 5 Stages of Intermitten Fasting by Paige Jarreau, PHD;

I was really feeling it after a few weeks! And I was amused. But it could also be the low carbs diet too. lower insulin

10 Key Signs You Are Fat Adapted (No Equipment Needed) by Dr. Sten Ekberg

2. It helps develop better & healthier eating habits

I have naturally grown into a low(er) carb diet since I started IF.

Eating more protein and fat> carbs, helps me to stay full quicker and longer = no more pointless cravings!

IF also helps to reduce my daily calories intake. As having the freedom to eat and drink 24/7 is not good when you try to keep your insulin level down. It is pretty normal to have a late night drink or dessert?… okay maybe it’s just me…

I’ve been doing it everyday for almost two months now and still feeling great! You can read more about my fitness journey in details (coming soon!)

3. You learn to drink more (enough) water

NO Sh*tttt (with eye rolling). Drinking water may sound like an easy and common sense statement but it is also difficult (you know exactly what I’m talking about). On IF, I started drinking water whenever I feel ‘hungry’ or peckish, and I have never felt better about drinking enough water in a day. Yes, you’re not hungry, you’re probably just thirsty.

4. Time saving

As you just don’t eat at all outside the ‘eating window’, end of. You really save a good amount of time, when you don’t need to think or worry what to snack or drink on, plus all that time you spend on feeling guilty, the mental debate and dilemma on that extra snack etc. You can spend that little extra time doing other stuff than eating (and let’s be honest, spending 1/4 of the day eating is probably enough).

And by the way you lose weight faster and easier if you get enough sleep, as you are likely to have a better metabolism when you ARE NOT sleep deprived. Our body works like magic. And you are likely to crave more carbs when you ARE sleep deprived etc etc. SO SLEEP ENOUGH (7-9 hrs for adults.).

5. Improves mental clarity

Research have shown when we are in the fasted state, brain perform at optimal levels; and it should enhance cognition.

I have been doing IF for almost 2 months now and still feeling great. To be continued…

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