• Keto lunch


    Breakfast 10am | The standardCoffee with 1/2 Tbsp coconut oilHomemade grain-free granolaAlmond milk Lunch 12pm | 😀 We are off to a great start!Tempeh Tofu Kale Salad Hemp seedsMilled Flax seeds & goji berriesOlive oil Snack 4pm Overnight Chia almond milk with 6 blueberries Dinner – omg it was absoultely disgusting at firstCocoa pea proteinAs I have kind of quit drinking cold drinks (except for my gin.. obviously)My first instinct was to heat up my almond milk and add the pea protein to it and LOL don’t do it It was my 2nd time having it and i think this is another example of when you should really read the…