? ? Pineapple bun aka 菠蘿包 (Boh-loh-bao) is a Hong Kong local 茶餐廳(Cha-chang-teng literally means “tea restaurant”) afternoon tea classic! It does not actually contain any pineapple, but as the topping has a rough and crackly surface, that’s where the name came from 🙂 It’s a must try! Some people like it as 菠蘿油 (Boh-loh-yau; where ‘yau’ means butter) – by cutting the bun it in half horizontally, and put a big fat slice of butter in the middle when the bun it’s still warm! Which do you prefer? ?

⭐️ Succeeded first time with the recipe below by Tasty Cooking Studio! Very clear and straight forward instruction, it was a very enjoyable experience making them, especially with the soothing background music too! A 5/5 recipe! ????

► clips available see below

✔️ The recipe makes 14 REGULAR size Pineapple buns (or bigger if you knead them very well lol). Personally I think it’s A LOT of buns even they are incredibly yummy. If you are sharing them out like I did it’s all good, or you may consider cutting the recipe in half and make smaller/ mini ones 🙂 I managed to make 1 mini one with the last bit of dough. It was super cute!
✔️ There are 3 main parts in the recipe: 1/ Utane Dough (湯種) 2/ Dough (麵團) 3/ ‘Pineapple’ Topping (菠蘿包皮)
✔️ You will need 1 egg + 1 extra egg yolk for the topping in total
✔️ I used a small tin (170ml) evaporated milk to substitute the milk (60ml)+ heavy cream (90ml) and and it worked perfectly fine 🙂
✔️ For the ‘Pineapple’ Topping (菠蘿包皮) I used 80g suga, it was still sweet enough
✔️ If you don’t have a dough/ baking mixer like me, you can hand knead it! For 10 mins minimum, until it is ‘stretchy’. I did mine for 15 mins+ 5 mins ►
✔️ Last but not least, REMEMBER to take some good photos before they are all gone! As we finished them before I got a proper shot… ^ ^” But that’s ok, I have an excuse to make them again sooner! 😀

Pineapple Bun| Hand kneading technique

Before these babies go in the oven! Brushed with egg yolk ?

⭐️ WATCH NOW| 港式菠蘿包~外皮酥脆麵包鬆軟的做法 (不加豬油) | Hong Kong Pineapple Buns Recipe by Tasty Cooking Studio ??

Let me know if you are planning to make it~~ or if you have any questions comment in the comment box below and I will try to assist!

I hope you all enjoy! ^^

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