Happy to be sharing the first recipe with you all! ʕ • ᴥ • ʔ ♡

Let’s get started with preparing the ingredients! ✨

Always useful to have them all prepared in individual bowls before starting. As it is better to succeed first time or you end up washing more bowls (yes I have lots of experience on that). Sometimes you just can’t be lazy! ♕

✔ The mochi only taste good with the right amount of sugar, I tried with reduced amount of sugar but that 5g of sugar is totally worth it!
✔ 100g flour is just right, the dough should be non-sticky and very shiny, before you put in the fridge
✔ Make sure when you roll and flatten cookies properly with no cracks, you don’t want any ‘exploding’ mochi cookies!
✔ However, they might still look a bit ‘exploded’ after you take them out of oven. Do rest for 10 mins for mochi to cool down inside and cookies should look smooth and perfect again 🙂

Good luck and have fun~


Makes 12 small cookies (5 cm)
Prep time < 1 hr 30 mins; bake time: 15 mins

| Ingredients |

Part 1/2: Chocolate cookie 朱古力曲奇 (9 items)

• Sugar 10g 白砂糖
• Brown sugar 50g 黑糖
• Salt 1/2 Tsp 鹽
• Vanilla extract 1 Tsp 雲呢拿精油
• Unsalted butter 50g 無鹽牛油 (室溫/ 煮溶: 細火直接/ 微波爐高火30秒)
• Egg ½ (or whole if you make a double batch, or I just use a whole one to save all the troubles!) 雞蛋 (X2 份量就可以用晒一隻; 唔想浪費直接用一隻:D)
• Cocoa/ drinking chocolate powder (extra sweetness) 2 Tsp 可可/朱古力粉 (再甜少少)
• Plain flour 100g 低筋麵粉
• Dark chocolate chips 20g 黑朱古力粒 (可用牛奶/白朱古力; 隨喜加減)*

Part 2/2| Mochi (Rice cake) 麻糬 (3 items)

• Sugar 15g 白砂糖
• Glutinous rice flour 25g 糯米粉
• Milk 40g 牛奶
• Cornflour for dusting 少量 生粉

| Method |

► show by clips see below

1/ Mix Part 1 ingredients together
2/ Cool butter before mixing the egg in
3/ *Can mix in chocolate here/ add on top before baking
4/ Flatten cookie dough and chill in the fridge for 1 hr ►
5/ Mix Part 2 ingredients in steam-able/ microwaveable bowl ►
6/ Steam for 15 mins/ microwave for 30 sec until fully cooked, mix well at half time ►
7/ Dust tabletop with cornflour, to make mochi non-sticky to the hand; roll dough in a strip shape for easy even cutting
8/ Cut mochi to 8/10/12 even pieces. I used a digital scale to make sure they are all the same size
9/ Preheat oven to 160C
10/ Cookie dough should have harden, cut in 8/10/12 even pieces
11/ Place mochi inside dough pieces, roll to balls and flatten slightly as these cookie don’t really spread ►
12/ Bake for 15 mins, cool for 10 mins for best form and the best time to taste it when they are still warm 🙂 ►
*These are soft cookies, if you like it more crunchy you can bake for another 5 mins 🙂

1/ 將所有 Part 1 材料混合
2/ 如用煮溶牛油法, 先攤凍, 以免雞蛋於攪拌時煮熟
3/ *朱古力粒可選擇與以上材料混合/ 入爐前才放上曲奇面
4/ 壓扁麵團, 用保鮮紙包好, 放置雪櫃至少一小時, 造型將較易控制 ►
5/ 將Part 2材料於可蒸/叮容器 混合 ►
6/ 用中火蒸15分鐘 / 叮30 秒至全熟 (*一定要蒸/ 叮麻糬先會熟); 中途攪拌 ►
7/ 用生粉灑滿桌面, 令麻糬唔黐手; 磋成條狀, 較易容易切成一樣大小
8/ 將麻糬分8/10/12 份; 待用; 用電子磅可確保所有大小一樣
9/ 預熱焗爐160C
10/ 取出麵團, 分8/10/12 份 ►
11/ 將麻糬方到麵團中間, 磋圓壓扁, 並確保曲奇無裂口 ►
12/ 焗15 分鐘便完成。降溫10 分鐘後最靚好食
*此為軟身曲奇,如果鍾意脆啲可以焗多5分鐘 🙂








Recipe inspired by | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ijMacwuqtQ

Enjoy!! ^^

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